Enhance your implant treatments

OsstellConnect is a free cloud-based solution offering a new way for clinicians to use data to enhance their dental implant treatments. It is the world’s largest implant online portal with more than a quarter of a million datapoints. OsstellConnect is free of charge and accessible to all Osstell ISQ devices users.

Clinical performance

A tool to help you plan and make decisions related to patient characteristics and implant treatments, optimizing healing periods for different clinical situations and implants.

Track Osstell ISQ development over time.

Easy access to your patients records and treatments.

Optimized communication

Patient confidence

A way to add to the reassurance and confidence of patients about the success of their treatment in a report they can keep.


Join the OsstellConnect Community gathering thousands of clinicians providing each of their patients with optimal time to teeth. This community believes in the power of data and clinical evidence to ensure best practice approaches.

Referrals communication

A way to inform referring clinicians about a patient’s implants and osseointegration performance and provide an audit pathway to continue treatment follow up

Actionable insights

A tool to help you track your statistics to understand and enhance treatment methods and success.

Get access to clinical insights to help you plan the best course of treatment for your patients.

Cloud data to help you with

your treatment decisions

Learn how loading protocols, implant brands that you use, your patients’ risk attributes impact your patients’ individual healing time.

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