Access and analyze your data with Osstell Connect

We are always striving for better tools to help clinicians improve patient confidence and comfort in their implant treatment.

Osstell Connect is a free, online portal to be used by dental clinics to collect and store ISQ readings with associated data for overview and statistics of their implant treatments.



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Overview of your implant treatments.

The customizable dashboard helps you get an instant overview of your implant’s treatments in your clinic.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and graphs display your data col-lected from your ISQ devices in a simple and clear way.

Document your patient records

Provide a clear overview of your patients and their treatment status.

Help you predict healing time by analyse the trend of the ISQ graph.

Help you choose surgical and loading protocol for different patient types and implant cases, based on the published ISQ scale extracted from >980 studies.

Analyze global statistics

Osstell Insights is an analytics tool that collects implant treatment data from OsstellConnect users all over the world.

It enables you to view and benchmark global, anonymized statistical data for the different parameters.

Manage your ISQ devices

Get an overview of your registered ISQ devices.

Provide secure backup of our instrument data.

Get remote customer support

Register your instrument on Osstell Connect and get 2 boxes of free* SmartPegs


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