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Osstell IDx user manual

How to backup your data

How to update your Osstell IDx

How to share data between IDx

What to do if you forgot your PIN code


How do I get started?

Simply register your IDx by following the instructions in the instrument. For step by step instructions, please watch the video or download the quick guide by clicking here.

Do I need to be connected to WiFi to register?

No, but you do need access to the Internet through a computer or a mobile device to complete the registration process. The IDx automatically backs up your data on a regular basis, if it is connected to the Internet, which may come in handy if something were to happen to your instrument. For a quick guide of how to connect your IDx to the Internet, please click here.

When should I measure?

Measure at implant placement and again before the final restoration to monitor the development of osseointegration. If the ISQ value is not high enough it is advised to add time and remeasure before proceeding with the prosthetic rehabilitation of the implant.

Why do I need to take two measurements at the same occasion? 

The SmartPeg measures the stability in all directions and singles out the most stable and the least stable direction. Sometimes, there is no difference between them. To make sure to measure both values, the probe should be held perpendicular to the jaw line for one measurement, and in line with the jaw line for the other measurement. The two ISQ’s represent these values. If the instrument finds them both at the same time, and they differ more than 3 ISQ units, they are presented on the display together.How to measure (pdf)


Expert voices

How many times can you use the SmartPeg and still get accurate ISQ readings?

Osstell Technology – SmartPegs by Dr William Martin

The Osstell ISQ Scale

ISQ, or Implant Stability Quotient, is a scale from 1 to 100 and is a measure of the stability of an implant. The ISQ scale has a non-linear correlation to micro mobility. With more than 1400 scientific references, we now know that high stability means >70 ISQ, between 60-69 is medium stability and < 60 ISQ is considered as low stability.

The ISQ Scale


Instrument and SmartPegs

Can be cleaned using a damp cloth with water or isopropyl alcohol solution. Do not immerse the IDx instrument in water, or clean under running water. SmartPegs are for single use only.

Probe and SmartPeg Mount

Must be autoclaved according to the recommended sterilization method, validated to sterility assurance levels (SAL), according to ISO 17665-1 and ISO 17664. Other sterilization cycles may also be suitable, although individual clinicians or hospitals are advised to validate other methods before use. The Probe and SmartPeg Mount should be placed in suitable packaging for the sterilization process. When storing the probe, don’t twist, kink or coil the cable too tightly.


Method: gravity displacement steam Exposure temperature: 135˚C (275˚F) Exposure time: 10 minutes Drying time: 30 minutes   Warnings: – Do not exceed 135˚C (275˚F). – Remove from autoclave immediately after finished cycle. – Allow to cool down before use; handle carefully when hot. – Do not wash in dishwasher. – Do not pour liquids directly into any of the connectors.enhum dos conectores.

Freqently asked questions

Do I need to be connected to WiFi to register?

No, you can also register your IDx at All you need is the serial number.

How can I delete ISQ values (e.g. in case I have accidentally measured twice from the same direction)?

Values can only be removed before saving clicking on the trash bin symbol. After saving the data cannot be modified.

How can I save patient data?

The patient data can be saved either in the instrument or on Osstell Connect.

How do I add patient information?

Perform measurements, press End patient, and then save as Add new patient.

How do I edit patient information?

Simply select the pen symbol in the patient list to edit.

How do I get started?

Simply register your IDx by following the instructions in the device or by going to

How do I perform a measurement?

Simply choose a tooth position on the touch screen and start measuring.

Is the IDx Portal both Windows and Mac compatible?

Yes, Osstell Connect is accessible via iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC.

What are the requirements for Osstell Connect access?

Just connect the instrument via wifi and follow the instructions on the screen. A confirmation
email with login details will be sent to your email address.

What is the battery life of the Osstell IDx?

For normal use, the batteries last for at least one day but in most cases longer. It takes about 2
hrs to charge the IDx from a fully discharged state.

What is the warranty on IDx?
Why do I need a backup code?

To enable automatic backup of your Osstell IDx, you will be asked to create a backup code made up of 8 characters. The purpose of the backup is to reset the unit if you for some reason remove patients by mistake or lose your instrument. The code is created during the registration process and you only have to enter it once. To make sure you can access your backup at a later date, it is VERY important that you write this code down and keep it in a safe place.

Backup can also be done via USB without a code.

Why do I need to set Date and Time again?

The IDx consumes power when it is turned off, so if the battery is totally drained and down at 0% the settings for date and time will be lost. If the battery is drained the IDx will ask you to set date and time again at start-up. If you connect the IDx to the internet, the date and time will be set automatically.

Why has the instrument been locked?

Have you registered your device? You can only use the Osstell IDx for a limited time without

Will Osstell Connect be connective with other systems, such as Dentrix?

No, for the moment is it not possible to connect to other patient data system.

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