Osstell products

The Osstell patented method is a fast, noninvasive and easy to use system to determine implant stability.

Osstell Beacon

The Osstell Beacon helps you to objectively and noninvasively determine implant stability.

Osstell IDX

The Osstell IDx helps you to objectively determine implant stability – without jeopardizing the healing process.


The SmartPeg™ attaches to the implant and is used together with the measurement instruments Osstell IDx, Osstell Beacon or Osstell ISQ.

Osstell IDX Pro

The Osstell IDx Pro combines the best of the Osstell Beacon and the Osstell IDx: a wireless, smart and very intuitive ISQ probe and a comprehensive user interface for implant stability visualization, combined with patient data storage and full connectivity.


OsstellConnect is a free cloud-based solution offering a new way for clinicians to use data to enhance their dental implant treatments.


Choose from our accessories that can be used with our different types of instruments.

Which product is right for you?

At Osstell, we offer a variety of instruments to help you in your daily work at the clinic. The Osstell Beacon and the Osstell IDx give you access to OsstellConnect, our online service where you can analyze your data and get relevant insights of your implant treatment performance. The products can be used together or separately, depending on which best suits your needs.

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