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2016 Year in Review

Dec 2, 2016

With a few more days to go before the holidays are upon us, and with 2017 coming up it is natural to spend a few minutes thinking about the past year. For Osstell, it’s been a year of many positive developments and changes, and we wanted to share some of the highlights with you:

W&H Collaboration

We launched a very exciting collaboration with the Austrian family-run dental company, W&H Dentalwerk Bürmoos GmbH. The first result of the partnership was introduced in the form of W&H’s latest generation surgical device, Implantmed, where an integrated Osstell ISQ module is available as an option. This unique combination of technologies allows a new product standard to be set, giving users significant benefits in terms of functionality, efficiency and ease-of-use during treatment, and thereby helping clinicians improve patient confidence and comfort. The introduction of this novel product will continue into many more markets in 2017.


At AO in San Diego, we hosted a well-received Corporate Forum featuring speakers Drs. McClain, Schallhorn, and Martin. Their lectures focused on the benefits of using Osstell and the ISQ scale and how it enhances patient management in the implant practice. They also discussed the differences between different techniques used to test implant stability. At EAO, we held our most successful Osstell Scientific Symposium to date. The Symposium had more than 300 international participants and a very strong presentation line-up with Prof Meredith (the founder of RFA and ISQ 25 years ago), Dr Malmquist and Dr Neugebauer, moderated by Dr Dagnelid in a very interactive Q&A session. The lectures are available here.

More than 800 scientific articles on RFA and ISQ

We were pleased to see that there are now more than 800 studies and articles published on RFA and ISQ using Osstell instruments and equipment, available in the scientific database that we provide as a tool and as a service. That is truly an amazing accomplishment by all our clinical users and researchers. We know that there is a lot more of this in the pipeline – it is very interesting to see how clinical guidelines and recommendations appear now – all fully evidence based.

What’s Next

For us at Osstell, the digitalization and a digital workflow are trends that are very important for us to understand and embrace in our products. We think it is a way to accomplish efficiency and improved care and comfort for patients – but also:


  • Peace of mind: the right information always available, kept safe automatically, easily retrieved, and documentation for you and your patients about the osseointegration process.
  • Ease of use: More systems work together without cumbersome manual interaction to allow for data flow, creating a seamless process
  • Improvements through best practice; digitalization allows sharing and learning in a much better way, and continuous improvement and refinement, assessment and avoiding expensive mistakes.


We have had several releases of Osstell Connect (our free cloud service that comes with the Osstell IDx product). The latest addition means that users can share data between each other and between instruments. For sure, continued development of Osstell Connect is a new year’s resolution for 2017!  – stay tuned for many exciting new and innovative improvements in early 2017.

We will offer a digitally focused Hands-on workshop together with Dr. Scott Ganz at AO 2017 in Orlando. More details will be presented soon.


All of these accomplishments are the results of the contribution from our customers and partners – and for that we would like to thank you sincerely. We hope the Holidays will give you some time for rest and reflection, and that we continue into 2017 to write the next chapter in the story of ISQ and measurement of stability and osseointegration.