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The patient journey in my daily practice

Jul 10, 2024

At the Osstell & W&H Symposium during the ITI World Symposium in Singapore, May 2024, Dr. Jörg Neugebauer explored the evolving expectations of patients and the comprehensive data collection required for successful dental implant treatments.

Dr. Neugebauer shared insights on how patients now seek not just functional teeth but also aesthetics, pain-free procedures, and cost efficiency. He emphasized the importance of a thorough data collection process, including patient expectations, radiological data, clinical examinations, and both intraoral and CBCT scans.

He discussed the role of insertion torque in determining initial implant stability and referred to his 2009 study comparing torque measurements across different surgical motors, which revealed significant deviations. Dr. Neugebauer also presented his findings on immediate loading and its beneficial effects on osseointegration, highlighting that a well-planned workflow and the ISQ value are essential for determining who is suitable for immediate loading.

Watch the full webinar on demand here.

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