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OsstellConnect: The bridge to involve the entire treatment team in the patient journey

Jul 10, 2024

In his presentation at the Osstell & W&H Symposium at the ITI World Symposium in Singapore, May 2024, Dr. Marcus Dagnelid introduced OsstellConnect, a platform designed to unify data collection and enhance the patient care journey.

Dr. Dagnelid explained how OsstellConnect bridges gaps between clinicians, patients, and the global dental community by integrating data to optimize surgical and loading protocols. The platform helps practitioners track ISQ values over time, consider risk factors, and compare data within their clinics and against global standards.

He demonstrated the software’s benefits in guided surgery, emphasizing its importance in maintaining objectivity, particularly when the tactile perception of bone quality is compromised. When using drill guides in guided surgery, clinicians often lose the tactile feedback that comes from manual implant placement. This loss can make it challenging to assess bone density and quality accurately. OsstellConnect compensates for this by providing objective ISQ measurements, which offer a reliable indication of implant stability regardless of the surgeon’s tactile feedback. This ensures that decisions about implant placement and loading are based on solid data rather than subjective assessment, enhancing the overall precision and predictability of implant procedures.

Dr. Dagnelid concluded with a vision for the future where connectivity is integral to the advancement of dental care: “Anything that can be connected will be connected.”

Watch the full webinar on demand here.

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