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Osstell Launches New Innovative Product Solution

Mar 12, 2019

We are happy to announce the launch of the Osstell IDx Pro.

Optimize time to teeth

The Osstell IDx Pro tells you when an implant is ready for loading in a matter of seconds.

Osstell IDx Pro

  • Manage patients with optimal patient care.
  • Achieve more predictable outcomes.
  • Shorten treatment times.
  • The only evidence-based method. Backed by more than 1000 studies.


The most capable ISQ product to date

Osstell recently introduced the Osstell Beacon – an innovative and highly intuitive and easy to use tool designed to guide implant treatments for more predictable results, as a complement to the more comprehensive Osstell IDx.

The new Osstell IDx Pro combines the best of both: a wireless, smart and very intuitive ISQ probe and a comprehensive user interface for implant stability visualization, combined with patient data storage and full connectivity.

The Osstell IDx Pro gives access to Osstell Connect, the exclusive online service, safekeeping your data and providing relevant key insights allowing clinicians to enhance their implant treatment performance, based on more than 100 000 implant stability measurements currently.

Osstell IDx Pro at a glance

Intuitive | Ease of use | Evidence-based

  • Access to Osstell Connect for actionable insights enabling “factfulness” about the osseointegration of an implant.
    Easily collect and manage relevant patient, implant and treatment data.
  • Optimal ease of use and intuitive Osstell ISQ measurements using the original ISQ/RFA SmartPegs.
  • The Osstell Beacon and the Osstell IDx can be used together or separately.

The Osstell IDx Pro will be available in the EU mainly upon regulatory approval. Additional markets will follow pending regulatory approval processes.