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How new technology minimizes risk, increases quality and creates a better customer experience

Dec 3, 2015

By Jonas Ehinger, Osstell CEO

I recently came across an interesting blog post from one of our suppliers that drew parallels between dental implant surgery and sales management tools. It is not a usual parallel so it caught my eye. The author’s brother is a dentist specializing in implant surgery and a true expert in his field, always “using the latest technology and pushing its capabilities to the limits”.

Planning  laggards cling to status quo

One would think that all dentists would use this new technology. In reality, far from all do that yet, although there now are 14,000 Osstell users in the world and more than 700 clinical studies supporting the technology and method.

Until this becomes a global standard, there will be a lot of loading decisions made without secure and objective data, and patients treated in a suboptimal manner with longer than necessary healing times, or increased risk for premature loading of an implant.

“Like most new technology, early adopters go first and it will be years before the laggards follow.”

So, how does this relate to sales management?

Just as dentists have access to the latest technology, so, too do sales executives, managers and sales professionals. Sales improvement software lets sales people carefully plan their strategy for each account and then be visually guided through the process to win the business. Yet, most sales organizations – like most dentists, are still doing things the old fashion way – use traditional CRM systems, and often complain about them not being of assistance to them. In the case of Osstell, we use the Membrain Software. We believe this helps us to improve our process, in a similar way that we believe our product can help implant clinicians in their practice by helping them make the right decisions for the patient and deliver the best outcome.

To learn more about how our users benefit from Osstell’s ISQ technology, please click here.

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