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Comfort and confidence in a click

Sep 8, 2017

Comfort and confidence in a click

How does it work?

It’s simple. Just watch this short video.

This new product combines a SmartPeg and a new design of the SmartPeg mount, designed to make measurements even easier. When attaching it to the implant, you will hear and feel a “click” when it is tightened enough (appr. 4-5 Ncm). It will be delivered in a sterile package, already attached to the SmartPeg. This also means that you will not have to use or buy the old SmartPeg mount anymore.

“This new product solution responds to the feedback we have received from our customers, being that the Smartpeg mount easily gets lost and thereby makes it difficult to attach the Smartpeg to perform the measurement. Furthermore, the feedback also included an uncertainty how to ensure the SmartPeg has been tightened correctly when attaching it to the implant. With this new product solution and addition, we wanted to address these two issues to make measurements even easier.”

Stefan Horn, VP Product Solutions at Osstell

It will be available in a few months, for selected SmartPegs and gradually for all SmartPegs in our range.

At Osstell, we are always striving to improve the diagnostic tools to help clinicians in their daily implant practice.

World premiere!

Dr Marcus Dagnelid placing the SmartPeg, without wondering if the SmartPeg is tightened enough.

The answer is in the click (turn the volume up)!

The measurement was taken at implant placement, with an Osstell Idx, at Dagnelidkliniken in Gothenburg, Sweden.