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Improving Patient Acceptance of Dental Implant Treatment with OsstellConnect

Dec 06, 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of implant dentistry, innovative technologies and advanced procedures open doors to superior treatment options. Communicating these options to patients becomes a challenge, making effective communication with patients of greatest importance. Dr. Jeffrey Ganeles, an esteemed periodontist, shares insights into his consultation strategy and the transformative impact of OsstellConnect, a tool that streamlines the process of patient communication and understanding.

Overcome the Patient’s Concerns with Transparent Treatment Explanations

Patients often walk into dental implant consultations with dreams of a flawless smile but limited awareness of the available possibilities and associated costs. The challenge lies in translating their desires into informed decisions. Dr. Ganeles recognizes that patients are more likely to decline treatment if they cannot grasp its intricacies. Common barriers include a lack of knowledge, apprehension about the procedure, concerns about the cost, and the perceived duration of treatment. Therefore, the first step in ensuring successful treatment acceptance is patient education.

The Consultation’s Fundamental Goals

Dr. Ganeles promotes a patient-centered approach during consultations, emphasizing the importance of education. He believes that a comprehensive consultation should encompass an in-depth discussion about the patient’s condition, the various treatment options, potential consequences of non-treatment, and possible alternatives. Furthermore, it should include a breakdown of the treatment sequence, its duration, and the expected outcome and well-being of the patient throughout and after the procedures.

Improve Patient Acceptance with OsstellConnect and the Osstell ISQ (Implant Stability Quotient) Scale

Dr. Ganeles’ consultation toolkit comprises two vital components. The first, OsstellConnect, is a robust patient consultation tool that enhances education and case presentation, thereby boosting patient treatment plan acceptance.  The second component is the Osstell ISQ Scale, a valuable resource that provides fundamental principles to guide informed treatment decision making by clinicians.

The Osstell ISQ scale translates dental implant stability measurements throughout both surgery and the healing phase, proposing tailored treatment protocols. These may suggest single-stage surgery in specific cases or submerged or extended healing periods based on measured ISQ values. The principles are extracted from a comprehensive analysis that draws insights from over 1,400 dental implant studies, and serves as a valuable guide that empowers dentists to make informed decisions.

In conclusion

OsstellConnect and the Osstell ISQ Scale are reshaping the landscape of dental implant treatment planning and consultations, promoting engaging, transparent, and safe treatments that actively involve both patients and the entire dental team.  This approach not only increases patient understanding and confidence throughout the treatment journey but also equips Dr. Jeffrey Ganeles with a critical decision-making platform. Using these tools, he can confidently navigate the dynamic landscape of implant dentistry, greatly contributing to successful treatment outcomes and increased patient acceptance and satisfaction. Dr. Jeffrey Ganeles’ patient-centered approach, supported by OsstellConnect and the Osstell ISQ Scale, not only bridges the communication gap but also fosters a sense of confidence and assurance for both the dental team and patients, ultimately leading to a brighter future in implant dentistry.

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For information on OsstellConnect and the Osstell ISQ scale, please visit Osstell’s official website.

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