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Top 5 resources 2019

Dec 17, 2019

We've compiled the most read pieces of the year. Enjoy!

1. The Implant Stability ebook

This eBook helps you understand how reliable diagnostics in the form of objective measurement of implant stability help establish predictable dental implant procedures.


2. Osstell Scientific Symposium

Osstell Scientific Symposium at EAO Congress 2019 in Lisbon, Portugal, featured Dr. Jeff Ganeles, Dr. Barry Levin, Prof. Neil Meredith and Dr. Marcus Dagnelid. These renowned speakers demonstrated through clinical cases and scientific findings how using Osstell ISQ as an evidence-based guidance for implant loading, help them achieve predictable outcomes. Watch their lectures:

Dr. Jeff Ganeles’ lecture: When is that implant ready? Principles and rationale and for using resonance frequency in clinical decision making.
Dr. Barry Levin’s lecture: Post-extraction implants, Insertion Torque Value (ITV) & ISQ.
Prof. Neil Meredith’s lecture: Osstell Connect: the key to unlocking clinical success

3. When To Immediately Load an Immediate Implant

Blog post by Barry P. Levin, DMD.
Temporizing immediate implants in the esthetic zone is quite common. Assuring safety and predictability is critical and decisionmaking regarding when to perform IIPP is critical. Achieving primary stability is a prerequisite for providing a provisional restoration at the time of implant placement… Read full blog post here.

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4. Over 1000 scientific studies related to Osstell and its unique ISQ technology

We were happy to announce in March that there are now over 1000 scientific studies and publications evidencing Osstell’s unique ISQ technology. Osstell has worked exclusively and systematically with an evidence-based approach since its inception more than 20 years ago, constantly reviewing research to share knowledge and improve its proprietary technology to best serve clinicians and their patients. Osstell has collected all of this important work in a convenient way and made it accessible in its regularly updated searchable database, where all scientific research relating to Osstell and Osstell ISQ is compiled, now including over 1000 scientific, peer-reviewed studies and publications.

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5. Interview with Prof. Neil Meredith: Osstell’s technology remains the definitive method for understanding implant stability

Published on Dental Tribune
At the 28th Annual Scientific Meeting of the European Association for Osseointegration (EAO 2019), Prof. Neil Meredith was one of four speakers at the Osstell Scientific Symposium. He has been placing and restoring dental implants for over 30 years and is a co-inventor of resonance frequency analysis (RFA) for dental implants. He has lectured and published widely and internationally, but his real passions are clinical patient treatment and teaching. He spoke with Dental Tribune International about the symposium, Osstell Beacon and Osstell Connect, and looked back on 25 years of Osstell’s company history. Read full interview here.

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