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Q&A from the panel discussion at the Osstell ISQ Symposium

Dec 18, 2022

Questions and answers from the live Q&A

Is immediate loading recommended for a single mandibular molar defect with an ISQ of 70 or higher? 

At >70 ISQ, a single unit can be loaded even in the molar region. However, as this is far from the aesthetic zone, it’s recommended to avoid immediate loading.

Do you believe sharing Clinical Progress via Charted OsstellConnect can increase the confidence of the patient in the Clinician and the Outcome?

Yes, we present it to our patients and usually they feel encouraged.

Not a question, just thinking about …Happy to use AstraTech Implants since the early 90‘s. But notice, what happened to the company over the years and how development of getting better changed. Compare progress of dental implantology over the years…

The latest version of Astra Tech, the EV is a major step forward in implant design and in particular for the digital pathway and use of Atlantis technology.

What’s the take on implant in diabetic patients?

Healing is slower and complication rate is higher for example due to decreased microvasculation.

For how long would you leave the temporary prosthetic before you change to the finale construction? How do you know when to proceed with the final construction?

We wait at least 3 months. Before going into final restoration, we measure ISQ again ad if it has increased (and has reached a value of >70), we feel safe for final restoration.

Thank you everyone joining us at the Osstell ISQ Symposium. See you again next year!
You can watch the webinar on-demand here.
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