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How I determine loading protocol and timing of restoration

Mar 05, 2018

By Dr. Rachel Schallhorn

Measuring ISQ has become a critical component in my implant treatment, as it provides objective information about the stability of the implants I place. Based upon the initial implant stability or ISQ value, I determine the loading protocol and timing of restoration (immediate, early, delayed).

Combined with other clinical factors, such as bone quality and volume, radiographic bone levels and insertion torque, ISQ measurement provides an individualized approach to treating my patients and promotes success in my implant therapy.

Find out more about how to use ISQ assessment and take your implant practice to the next level in this article which was published in Decisions in Dentistry. I explain how using this technology to objectively assess and monitor implant stability can promote successful outcomes, particularly in high-risk cases.

Read the full article here

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