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Dr. Tore Berset answers your questions

Dec 18, 2022

Dr. Tore Berset graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Bergen (Norway) in 1998. Co-founder Oris Dental. Oris Dental was created in 2016 when six renowned dental clinics from different parts of Norway merged. Today, Oris Dental is one of the largest players in the dental industry in Norway, as a nationwide chain. The company has over 80 clinics and dental laboratories in Norway and Sweden with over 1000 dedicated employees. Chief clinical development officer, Oris Academy. Has worked with implant surgery since 2005. Lecturer in the field of implant surgery and implant prosthetics since 2012.

Questions and answers from the live Q&A

What prompted you to apply the lessons that you learned in coaching to Dentistry?

Dr. Tore Berset: Just wanting to see if it could work.

How do you develop the interpersonal relationship/coaching skills if is not your strength?

Dr. Tore Berset: Learn from/ pick the brain of people who are good at it.

How long did the process of creating a performance environment in your clinic take to get your team comfortable with their roles?

Dr. Tore Berset: It is an ongoing process, it never ends.

Interesting topic! Have you measured the effect on your clinic performance and patient satisfaction after using your Arene method?

Dr. Tore Berset: 2 times the revenue in 5 yrs.

What do you look for in a good mentor?

Dr. Tore Berset: Someone that wants you well, and is willing to teach / put time into you.

Thank you everyone joining us at the Osstell ISQ Symposium. See you again next year!
You can watch the webinar on-demand here.
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