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What are the benefits of the Osstell SmartPeg?

Jun 8, 2016

SmartPegs are made of soft aluminium with an attached special magnet. They are calibrated for the proprietary and patented Osstell ISQ diagnostic system – and is the only solution that is fully compatible and validated with the established Osstell ISQ scale. This scale is supported by research and clinical validation in more than 750 publications, all using original Osstell ISQ technology.

The SmartPegs are for single patient use (including patients with several implants) and they should not be autoclaved. Using it this way will ensure you always get accurate readings without influence from mechanical wear and tear (which occurs in every material)  The SmartPeg is key in getting accurate ISQ readings – using other materials or designs would generate different ISQ values that would not be consistent with the established Osstell ISQ scale. By using soft aluminum you eliminate the risk of damaging the internal connection of the implants in any way – a harder material like titanium could increase this risk significantly. Using the SmartPeg for one patient only will always provide you with the accurate ISQ values* for your patients implants.

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* Effects of multiple reuse, remounting and consecutive autoclave sterilization on Osstell SmartPegs, D. Duddeck, F. Faber