This webinar will review the need for resonance frequency analysis with dental implants since both our treatment protocols and our patient pattern of healing fails to follow preconceived norms.


Learning objectives:

  • List the benefits with immediate implant placement and provisionalization in patients who are 70 years of age and older
  • Discuss what are the dip and bungee dip in dental implant healing
  • Identify those situations where using resonance frequency analysis could assist in the earlier restoration of dental implants.


On-demand Webinar


With Dr. Paul Rosen


Medicine and dentistry have recently sought to provide patient care through standardized treatment algorithms based upon historic norms of wound healing.  While this would make life far easier for us as clinicians, a significant number of our patients are being treated with techniques like immediate implant placement with provisionalization into extraction sockets that don’t follow traditional guidelines for healing. Even at routine sites, it seems as though a number of our patients have failed to have read the textbooks and articles that we have written about them as to how they will heal. Without objective data, we are following preconceived paths of care that may do harm to a number of our patients as to when they should be restored.  This lecture will review dental implant patterns of wound healing which will include the dip, the bungee dip, and the bump. This will reinforce the need for using resonance frequency analysis and why a more personalized approach to treating all of our patients is needed if we are to expeditiously achieve optimal clinical results.


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About Dr. Paul S. Rosen, DMD, MS


Dr. Paul S. Rosen is Board certified Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology. He is involved in research and lecturing on advanced periodontal and dental implant treatment, focusing on cutting edge techniques and innovative products. He is recipient of the Master Clinician Award by the American Academy of Periodontology – one of the organization’s highest honors.


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University of Maryland Dental School

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