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Effect of titanium surface functionalization with bioactive glass on osseointegration: An experimental study in dogs.

Date: 2018-01-01 11:00:00

Authors: Soares Priscilla Barbosa Ferreira (PBF) ; Moura Camilla Christian Gomes (CCG) ; Chinaglia Clever Ricardo (CR) ; Zanotto Edgar Dutra (ED) ; Zanetta-Barbosa Darceny (D) ; Stavropoulos Andreas (A) ;

Published in: Clin Oral Implants Res

Socket-shield technique: the influence of the length of the remaining buccal segment of healthy tooth structure on peri-implant bone and socket preservation. A study in dogs.

Date: 2018-01-01 11:00:00

Authors: Calvo-Guirado José Luis (JL) ; Benítez-García Jose Antonio (JA) ; Maté Sánchez de Val José Eduardo (JE) ; Pérez-Albacete Martínez Carlos (C) ; Gehrke Sergio Alexandre (SA) ; Delgado-Ruiz Rafael (R) ; Moses Ofer (O) ;

Published in: Ann. Anat.

Autogenous DDM versus Bio-Oss granules in GBR for immediate implantation in periodontal postextraction sites: A prospective clinical study.

Date: 2018-01-01 11:00:00

Authors: Li Peng (P) ; Zhu HuiCong (H) ; Huang DaHong (D) ;

Published in: Clin Implant Dent Relat Res

Clinical evaluation of modified transalveolar sinus floor elevation and osteotome sinus floor elevation in posterior maxillae: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial.

Date: 2018-01-01 11:00:00

Authors: Zhao Xu (X) ; Gao Wei (W) ; Liu Feng (F) ;

Published in: Trials

Optimized beagle model for maxillary sinus floor augmentation via a mini-lateral window with simultaneous implant placement.

Date: 2018-01-01 11:00:00

Authors: Zhu Liqin (L) ; Yang Jiakang (J) ; Gong Jiaxing (J) ; Zhang Chenqiu (C) ; Wang Huiming (H) ;

Published in: J. Int. Med. Res.

Influence of short implants geometry on primary stability.

Date: 2018-01-01 11:00:00

Authors: González-Serrano J (J) ; Molinero-Mourelle P (P) ; Pardal-Peláez B (B) ; Sáez-Alcaide L-M (LM) ; Ortega R (R) ; López-Quiles J (J) ;

Published in: Med Oral Patol Oral Cir Bucal

The effect of low-magnitude high-frequency loading on peri-implant bone healing and implant osseointegration in Beagle dogs.

Date: 2018-01-01 11:00:00

Authors: Wang Shuhua (S) ; Ogawa Toru (T) ; Zheng Sheng (S) ; Miyashita Makiko (M) ; Tenkumo Taichi (T) ; Gu Zhiyuan (Z) ; Lian Wenhai (W) ; Sasaki Keiichi (K) ;

Published in: J Prosthodont Res

A 1-7 year retrospective follow-up on consecutively placed 7-mm-long dental implants with an electrowetted surface.

Date: 2018-01-01 11:00:00

Authors: Rosen Paul S (PS) ; Sahlin Herman (H) ; Seemann Rudolf (R) ; Rosen Ari S (AS) ;

Published in: Int J Implant Dent

[Clinical observation on soft and hard tissue changes of immediate implantation and immediate reconstruction in anterior region after loading 3 years].

Date: 2018-01-01 11:00:00

Authors: Wu M J (MJ) ; Zou L D (LD) ; Liang F (F) ;

Published in: Beijing Da Xue Xue Bao

Short Implants and Conventional Implants in The Residual Maxillary Alveolar Ridge: A 36-Month Follow-Up Observation.

Date: 2018-01-01 11:00:00

Authors: Hadzik Jakub (J) ; Krawiec Maciej (M) ; Kubasiewicz-Ross Paweł (P) ; Prylińska-Czyżewska Agata (A) ; Gedrange Tomasz (T) ; Dominiak Marzena (M) ;

Published in: Med. Sci. Monit.

Miniaturized Electromagnetic Device Abutment Improves Stability of the Dental Implants.

Date: 2018-01-01 11:00:00

Authors: Barak Shlomo (S) ; Matalon Shlomo (S) ; Dolkart Oleg (O) ; Zavan Barbara (B) ; Mortellaro Carmen (C) ; Piattelli Adriano (A) ;

Published in: J Craniofac Surg

Alveolar Crestal Approach for Maxillary Sinus Membrane Elevation with <4 mm of Residual Bone Height: A Case Report.

Date: 2018-01-01 11:00:00

Authors: Jang Jae Won (JW) ; Chang Hee-Yung (HY) ; Pi Sung-Hee (SH) ; Kim Yoon-Sang (YS) ; You Hyung-Keun (HK) ;

Published in: Int J Dent

Stability and bone loss around submerged and non-submerged implants in diabetic and non-diabetic patients: a 7-year follow-up.

Date: 2018-01-01 11:00:00

Authors: Al Zahrani Saeed (S) ; Al Mutairi Abdullah Abdulaziz (AA) ;

Published in: Braz Oral Res

Minimally Invasive Ponto Surgery Versus the Linear Incision Technique With Soft Tissue Preservation for Bone Conduction Hearing Implants: A Multicenter Randomized Controlled Trial.

Date: 2018-01-01 11:00:00

Authors: Calon Tim G A (TGA) ; Johansson Martin L (ML) ; de Bruijn Arthur J G (AJG) ; van den Berge Herbert (H) ; Wagenaar Mariet (M) ; Eichhorn Edwin (E) ; Janssen Miranda M L (MML) ; Hof Janny R (JR) ; Brunings Jan-Wouter (JW) ; Joore Manuela A (MA) ; Jonhede Sofia (S) ; van Tongeren Joost (J) ; Holmberg Marcus (M) ; Stokroos Robert-Jan (RJ) ;

Published in: Otol. Neurotol.

Can extra-short dental implants serve as alternatives to bone augmentation? A preliminary longitudinal randomized controlled clinical trial.

Date: 2018-01-01 11:00:00

Authors: Shah Sara N (SN) ; Chung Jamie (J) ; Kim David M (DM) ; Machtei Eli E (EE) ;

Published in: Quintessence Int

Lateral sinus floor elevation without grafting materials. Individual- and aggregate-data meta-analysis.

Date: 2018-01-01 11:00:00

Authors: Dongo Victor (V) ; von Krockow Nadine (N) ; Martins-Filho Paulo Ricardo Saquete (PRS) ; Weigl Paul (P) ;

Published in: J Craniomaxillofac Surg

Effect of ultraviolet photofunctionalization of dental titanium implants on osseointegration.

Date: 2018-01-01 11:00:00

Authors: Mehl Christian (C) ; Kern Matthias (M) ; Neumann Friederike (F) ; Bähr Telse (T) ; Wiltfang Jörg (J) ; Gassling Volker (V) ;

Published in: J Zhejiang Univ Sci B

Clinical Relevance of Bone Density Values from CT Related to Dental Implant Stability: A Retrospective Study.

Date: 2018-01-01 11:00:00

Authors: Bruno Vincenzo (V) ; Berti Cesare (C) ; Barausse Carlo (C) ; Badino Mauro (M) ; Gasparro Roberta (R) ; Ippolito Daniela Rita (DR) ; Felice Pietro (P) ;

Published in: Biomed Res Int

A study on the use of the Osstell apparatus to evaluate pedicle screw stability: An in-vitro study using micro-CT.

Date: 2018-01-01 11:00:00

Authors: Nakashima Daisuke (D) ; Ishii Ken (K) ; Matsumoto Morio (M) ; Nakamura Masaya (M) ; Nagura Takeo (T) ;

Published in: PLoS ONE

Unravelling the effect of macro and microscopic design of dental implants on osseointegration: a randomised clinical study in minipigs.

Date: 2018-01-01 11:00:00

Authors: Ríos-Santos J V (JV) ; Menjívar-Galán A M (AM) ; Herrero-Climent M (M) ; Ríos-Carrasco B (B) ; Fernández-Palacín A (A) ; Perez R A (RA) ; Gil F J (FJ) ;

Published in: J Mater Sci Mater Med

Is Low-level laser therapy and gaseous ozone application effective on osseointegration of immediately loaded implants?

Date: 2018-01-01 11:00:00

Authors: Karaca I R (IR) ; Ergun G (G) ; Ozturk D N (DN) ;

Published in: Niger J Clin Pract

Thermal oxidation and hydrofluoric acid treatment on the sandblasted implant surface: A histologic histomorphometric and biomechanical study.

Date: 2018-01-01 11:00:00

Authors: Qamheya Ala Hassan A (AHA) ; Arısan Volkan (V) ; Mutlu Zihni (Z) ; Karabaglı Murat (M) ; Soluk Tekkeşin Merva (M) ; Kara Kamuran (K) ; Erol Ayşe (A) ; Ersanlı Selim (S) ;

Published in: Clin Oral Implants Res

Influence of cortical bone anchorage on the primary stability of dental implants.

Date: 2018-01-01 11:00:00

Authors: de Oliveira Nicolau Mantovani Anne Kelly (AK) ; de Mattias Sartori Ivete Aparecida (IA) ; Azevedo-Alanis Luciana Reis (LR) ; Tiossi Rodrigo (R) ; Fontão Flávia Noemy Gasparini Kiatake (FNGK) ;

Published in: Oral Maxillofac Surg

Effects of low-intensity laser therapy on the stability of orthodontic mini-implants: a randomised controlled clinical trial.

Date: 2018-01-01 11:00:00

Authors: Abohabib Ahmed Mohamed (AM) ; Fayed Mona Mohamed (MM) ; Labib Amr H (AH) ;

Published in: J Orthod

Correlation between Insertion Torque and Implant Stability Quotient in Tapered Implants with Knife-Edge Thread Design.

Date: 2018-01-01 11:00:00

Authors: Baldi Domenico (D) ; Lombardi Teresa (T) ; Colombo Jacopo (J) ; Cervino Gabriele (G) ; Perinetti Giuseppe (G) ; Di Lenarda Roberto (R) ; Stacchi Claudio (C) ;

Published in: Biomed Res Int