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Osstell Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit

Jan 18, 2016

Gothenburg, January 18, 2016 Osstell, the world leader in the field of dental implant diagnostics, filed a patent infringement lawsuit today in Sweden against Integration Diagnostics Sweden AB (“IDS”), regarding infringement of Osstell’s innovative proprietary and patented ISQ technology, using Resonance Frequency Analysis (RFA). The process seeks to stop unauthorized use of Osstell’s patented technology, and to recover damages caused by the claimed infringement.

At EAO 2015 in Stockholm Osstell discovered that a product (PenguinRFA™) marketed by Integration Diagnostics Sweden AB claims to measure ISQ on dental implants. Based on IDS’s documentation and the claims made by the staff of the company, the conclusion is that the product infringes on Osstell’s proprietary technology, developed and patented by Osstell. This conclusion is corroborated by extensive technical investigations involving external experts. Several requests for clarification from IDS has not been responded to.

“We truly believe competition is fundamentally healthy, but it must be done on equal terms. Competitors should create their own technology. We have no choice other than to defend our valuable intellectual property rights, which are the results of many years of developments and investments in R&D and know-how by Osstell and its partners, said Jonas Ehinger, CEO of Osstell.

Osstell asks the court for an injunction barring sales of the infringing product, payment of money damages due to negative impact in Osstell’s commercial business, and to recover its attorney fees relating to the lawsuit.

Since the commercial inception and launch in 1999, Osstell has invested substantial resources in the research and development of its technology and products together with its partners and customers. Osstell has protected that investment through the development of its significant patent portfolio in the space of Resonance Frequency Analysis (RFA) of dental implants.