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Your new OsstellConnect

Jul 10, 2017

We are always striving for better tools to help clinicians improve patient confidence and comfort in their implant treatment. OsstellConnect is an exclusive and free online service associated with Osstell ISQ instruments (IDx generation) and can be accessed by any Osstell IDx user. It provides relevant insights of your daily implant treatment performance.


What’s in it for you?

  • Oversee and document your implant treatments.
  • Track and predict healing times.
  • Help you choose surgical and loading protocol for different patient types and implant cases.

  • Keep track of healing times and success rate over time and compare your clinic with data averages from other OsstellConnect users all over the world.
  • Share your data for more effective collaboration with your professional colleagues.
  • Get data backup, remote service/support for your Osstell instruments.

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How does it work? Take the tour!

Register to OsstellConnect

This is OsstellConnect

Free Data Portal

All your patient data accessible on all your devices.

Use your OsstellConnect account to keep all your patient data safe, secure, and always available to you — even if you replace a device or work with multiple devices. OsstellConnect automatically uploads your patient data (if your IDx is connected to wifi), making them accessible from your computer, mobile phone, tablet on OsstellConnect. By storing your entire data safely on OsstellConnect, you will gain access to data backup, remote service and support. OsstellConnect complies with relevant data security regulations, like HIPAA.


Relevant information for you at a glance.

The customizable dashboard helps you get an instant overview of your implants treatments in your clinic. On top you will find some pre-defined Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that will change overtime as you upload data from your ISQ devices.

Osstell Insights

The whole world’s implant data to sink your teeth into.

Osstell Insights is an analytics tool that collects implant treatment data from OsstellConnect users all over the world. It enables you to view and benchmark global, anonymized statistical data for the different parameters listed on the screen.

Patient Records

OsstellConnect enables you to store, analyze and treat your patient data in a secure and easy way. It gives you a clear overview of your patient.

Patient Sharing

Working in a team or in a multi center approach (for instance in clinical studies)? It allows you to extract data for easy and effective communication with your colleagues and increase confidence in your referrals.

Do you work with multiple devices? If you have more than one Osstell IDx, you can easily share patients data between instruments. You can, for example, perform the first measurement with one IDx, and then do the subsequent follow-up measurements on a different IDx.

Osstell Connect

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