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Osstell tells you when an implant is ready for loading in a matter of seconds. Our devices use proprietary and evidence based RFA technology, based on more than 900 scentific studies, and developed by Osstell. Both the Osstell Beacon and the Osstell IDx give you access to Osstell Connect, our online service where you can analyze your data and get relevant insights of your implant treatment performance.


The products can be used together* or separately, depending on which best suits your needs.

  Osstell IDx

  • Assess osseointegration and determine implant stability
  • Easily collect and manage relevant patient, implant and treatment data
  • Designed and optimized for full and automated digital workflow integration
  • Visualizations of stability and healing progress
  • Excellent tool for larger clinics and clinical studies
  • A great tool for teaching, for explaining the biological process of implant stability and osseointegration to students and dentists in postgraduate training for dental implantology, as well as explaining healing times to patients
  • Full network connectivity via WiFi and USB port
  • USB port for additional functionality and data handling


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  Osstell Beacon

  • Assess osseointegration and determine implant stability
  • Optimal ease of use and intuitive ISQ measurements
  • Excellent tool if you use a digital workflow
  • Easy to transport between clinics or while traveling
  • Good to use as a complement to the more comprehensive Osstell IDx


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*The Osstell IDx Pro package, which includes the Osstell IDx, the Osstell Beacon and the ability to connect the two instruments will be available In a near future development.


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