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The SmartPegs Reference Guide is now updated (valid from November 2019). You will find more detailed information to make it easier for you to find the right SmartPeg. We will gradually add implant systems’ catalog number. New additions are highlighted in the column to the right. We are happy to announce that SmartPegs are now available for BIOMATE – Biomate Bone Type, ALTIMED – Duofix, LITTLE – THE MARC NEVINS & THE PAMELA RAY, RITTER – RI-QSI, DE TECH – DE2, ACH MEDICAL – Kisses, DRS – OKTAGON, OXTEIN – L/M/N Lines, DENTACK – PYRAMIDION, TRI DENTAL – TRI-Narrow, MEDICAL INSTINCT – Bone Trust Plus/Cone+, WARANTEC – IU, BIODENTA – B1.    


SmartPeg Reference Guide (pdf)


Can I re-use the SmartPegs?

The SmartPegs are single use items. To avoid damage to the implant, the SmartPeg material is quite soft, which limits the lifetime of the threads. So the SmartPeg cannot be reused for two reasons: First, the magnet cannot stand the heat of an autoclave, it will be affected and discolored. Second, the threads are made weak not to jeopardize the inner threads in the implant. Reusing the SmartPeg might wear out the threads and give misleading ISQ values.  

Is the ISQ-value sensitive to how hard the SmartPeg is tightened?

The SmartPeg should be tightened with 4-5 Ncm, which means “finger tight”, using the SmartPeg Mount. It is enough with firm contact between the SmartPeg and the implant. The difference in ISQ value will then stay within 2 ISQ units. (If the SmartPeg is tightened too loosely, the ISQ-value will be lower.) If the SmartPeg is over-tightened, there is a risk that the SmartPeg threads will be damaged.

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