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The 13th Osstell ISQ Annual Symposium

 The 13th Osstell ISQ Annual Symposium will be fully digital and will gather an exciting line-up of international speakers, featuring Dr. Tara Aghaloo (USA), Dr. William Martin (USA), Dr. Stephen T Chen (Australia), Dr. Kyle Stanley (USA) and moderator Dr. Marcus Dagnelid (Sweden). The speakers will discuss how to provide each implant patient with optimal time to teeth – with confidence and predictability.


Clinical expertise at Osstell ISQ Symposium


In the first session, Dr. Tara Aghaloo will discuss the transition from primary to secondary stability, and how important it is with case selection and proper treatment planning in patients with medical risk factors. She will be followed by Dr. William Martin who will share his extensive clinical experience utilizing the Osstell technique and online OsstellConnect platform in a university clinic setting, as well as discuss various clinical cases where an objective approach to implant stability measurements is key. Dr. Stephen T Chen will share his research in timing of implant placement after extraction to obtain predictability, especially in aesthetically critical areas where it influences the entire outcome.



AI – a look into the future


Finally, we will take a look into the future of the dental industry with Dr. Kyle Stanley, where he will present on the exciting topic of AI – Artificial Intelligence – in dental implantology. He is a practicing implant dentist and surgeon, and is also running a company focusing on this topic and already now there are several examples of how we can save both time and be more precise with advanced technology. Within dental implantology and the Osstell
technique, examples will be demonstrated where AI can assist you as a clinician to obtain better clinical results
with your patients.


Interactive session


After each lecture there will be a live Q&A-session and before the final panel discussion, Dr. Marcus Dagnelid will
also show live surgery to further display the Osstell technique.

Participants will have the opportunity to:

• Earn up to 5 continuing education credits, for free
• Watch live surgery
• Interact with the speakers
• Network with their peers digitally

Participants will also get the chance to take an exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming addition to the Osstell ISQ
technology, designed to help clinicians improve patient understanding and confidence in implant treatments.

The event is fully digital, hosted on and will be held on September 16th, 7 PM – 00 AM
(CET, Paris). Each session will run for approximately one hour. For dental professionals who are unable to attend owing to time zone differences, the symposium sessions will be available to watch on demand. More information about the symposium and free-of-charge registration can be found on


About Osstell


Osstell is the global leader in implant stability measurement and osseointegration progress monitoring. Osstell
was formed in 1999 to commercialize an invention using Resonance Frequency Analysis (RFA) to determine the
clinical status of a dental implant. Osstell’s proprietary and patented technology helps dentists around the world
make dental implant treatments predictable, by measuring the stability of implants objectively and using the
Osstell ISQ scale (Implant Stability Quotient). More than 1200 scientific publications confirm the benefits of the
technology, its clinical value, and the use of the Osstell ISQ scale for dentists in their daily practice. Osstell is
headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden – the birthplace of dental implants. Since March 2018, Osstell is owned by


For more information about Osstell:

Jonas Ehinger
CEO, Osstell

Osstell Beacon available in the US

Gothenburg, Sweden Sept 3rd, 2019: Osstell, the developer of the proprietary diagnostic technology Osstell ISQ (Implant Stability Quotient), today announces that the Osstell Beacon is now available in the United States after receiving clearance from the FDA. The Osstell Beacon is a new, innovative and highly intuitive tool designed to assess dental implant stability. Patients – the priority for Osstell and its users – are increasingly well informed before seeking implant treatment and are often aware of available treatment options. They are increasingly expecting shorter treatment protocols. In addition, there is a growing, aging and medically compromised patient population where healing for many reasons can be unpredictable. In order to meet these demands and changing demographics, there is a need for innovative diagnostic tools to help the individual clinician deliver these treatment protocols while ensuring predictability and patient satisfaction. The more than 1,000 studies where Osstell ISQ technology has been used, provide evidence that Osstell ISQ diagnostics can help improve outcomes and quality, using objective data to guide and optimize the implant treatment for both complex and more straight-forward cases. Read More >

Now over 1000 scientific studies related to Osstell and its unique ISQ technology.

Gothenburg, Sweden, March 12th: Osstell, the company that developed the original ISQ technology, today announces that by March 2019, there are now over 1000 scientific studies and publications evidencing Osstell’s unique ISQ technology using the original SmartPegs. Osstell has worked exclusively and systematically with an evidence-based approach since its inception more than 20 years ago, constantly reviewing research to share knowledge and improve its proprietary technology to best serve clinicians and their patients. Osstell has collected all of this important work in a convenient way and made it accessible in its regularly updated searchable database, where all scientific research relating to Osstell and Osstell ISQ is compiled, now including over 1000 scientific, peer-reviewed studies and publications. Helping clinicians provide patients with optimal time to teeth is the top priority for Osstell and its users. Osstell has also invented and developed Osstell Connect, an online service enabling clinicians to compile, analyze and make well-informed and objective decisions based on their Osstell ISQ readings, utilizing evidence-based data from thousands of fellow ISQ users worldwide. Read More >

Osstell Launches New Innovative Product Solution

Gothenburg, Sweden, March 12th: Osstell, the company that developed the original ISQ technology, announces the Osstell IDx Pro, a new benchmark for products designed to guide implant treatments for optimal and predictable restoration results. Osstell recently introduced the Osstell Beacon – an innovative and highly intuitive and easy to use tool designed to guide implant treatments for more predictable results, as a complement to the more comprehensive Osstell IDx. The new Osstell IDx Pro combines the best of both: a wireless, smart and very intuitive ISQ probe and a comprehensive user interface for implant stability visualization, combined with patient data storage and full connectivity. The Osstell IDx Pro gives access to Osstell Connect, the exclusive online service, safekeeping your data and providing relevant key insights allowing clinicians to enhance their implant treatment performance, based on more than 100 000 implant stability measurements currently. “With the launch of the Osstell IDx Pro, as the most capable product in our product eco-system, we can now offer a wide range of Osstell ISQ solutions to address the different needs of dental clinics globally”, says Mr. Stefan Horn, VP Product Development, Osstell. Read more>

Osstell Adds Next Level in Implant Stability Measurement Instruments

Gothenburg, Sweden June 20, 2018: Osstell, the developer of the ISQ diagnostic technology (Implant Stability Quotient), now presents the next leap in the evolution of implant diagnostic instrumentation: The Osstell Beacon, an innovative and highly intuitive tool designed to guide implant treatments for more predictable results.    Osstell’s patented technology allow clinicians working with implants to make decisions based on reliable and objective stability values when determining the course of treatment for each patient. The procedure can be used to measure primary implant stability, observe osseointegration based on secondary stability readings and determine the best possible time for loading the implant, thereby helping to prevent failures, shortening healing time and ensuring high quality.   The dental implant market has changed over the past few years. There are now more dentists with less experience within implantology and a generation shift with different expectations is coming. Clinicians are facing more complex decisions as there is an increase in patients with risk factors as well as increasing demands for shorter treatment times. Digital planning and workflows are redefining protocols and techniques. There is thus a need for objective tools to increase efficiency, and to guide and optimize the implant treatment for both complex and more straight-forward cases, making ISQ diagnostics a necessary and objective key value to help improve outcomes and quality. Read More >

W&H Acquires Osstell to Further Strengthen its Market Position Within the Field of Implantology

Gothenburg, Sweden March 1, 2018: W&H, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of dental precision instruments and devices, has acquired Osstell, the global leader in implant stability measurement and osseointegration progress monitoring.   Osstell’s innovative and patented technology helps its customers, dentists around the world, to make dental implant treatments even safer and more predictable, by measuring the stability of implants objectively and non-invasively using the ISQ technology (Implant Stability Quotient), and thereby helping clinicians improve patient confidence and comfort. Founded in 1999, Osstell developed the patented ISQ technology and the products are sold in more than 50 markets globally with operations in Sweden (Gothenburg), and the USA.   “Osstell and W&H have cooperated very successfully in the past, so it is a natural step that Osstell now becomes a part of W&H. As such, we get the opportunity for stronger and broader global representation, as well as greater delivery capacity – always with the aim to serve our customers and users with even better products and services as well as helping them to provide best practice services to their customers – the patients. Patients’ well-being is always the top priority,” says Mr. Jonas Ehinger, CEO Osstell. Read More >

Osstell Partners with W&H

Gothenburg, September 1st 2016: The global leader in implant stability measurement, Osstell, just announced its partnership with the Austrian family-run dental company, W&H Dentalwerk Bürmoos GmbH. The collaboration will focus on bringing innovative all-in-one solutions to support dental implant clinicians in their everyday practice.   The first result of this partnership is now being introduced in the form of W&H’s latest generation surgical device, Implantmed, where an integrated Osstell ISQ module is available. This unique combination of technologies allows a new standard to be set in the global dental industry, while giving users significant benefits in terms of functionality and optimum efficiency during treatment, and thereby helping clinicians improve patient confidence and comfort. Read More >

Osstell to Investigate Possible Patent Infringement

Gothenburg, October 16, 2015 Osstell has initiated an investigation of possible infringement on Osstell’s proprietary and patented ISQ technology using Resonance Frequency Analysis (RFA). The process seeks to primarily clarify and verify unauthorized use of Osstell’s patented technology, and to possibly recover damages caused by the infringement.   Osstell has discovered that a product is being marketed that claims to measure ISQ on dental implants. According to its documentation and the claims made by the staff of the company, it seems to infringe on Osstell’s proprietary technology, patented by Osstell. Read More >

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