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Osstell Adds Next Level in Implant Stability Measurement Instruments

Gothenburg, Sweden June 20, 2018: Osstell, the developer of the ISQ diagnostic technology (Implant Stability Quotient), now presents the next leap in the evolution of implant diagnostic instrumentation: The Osstell Beacon, an innovative and highly intuitive tool designed to guide implant treatments for more predictable results. 


Osstell’s patented technology allow clinicians working with implants to make decisions based on reliable and objective stability values when determining the course of treatment for each patient. The procedure can be used to measure primary implant stability, observe osseointegration based on secondary stability readings and determine the best possible time for loading the implant, thereby helping to prevent failures, shortening healing time and ensuring high quality.


The dental implant market has changed over the past few years. There are now more dentists with less experience within implantology and a generation shift with different expectations is coming. Clinicians are facing more complex decisions as there is an increase in patients with risk factors as well as increasing demands for shorter treatment times. Digital planning and workflows are redefining protocols and techniques. There is thus a need for objective tools to increase efficiency, and to guide and optimize the implant treatment for both complex and more straight-forward cases, making ISQ diagnostics a necessary and objective key value to help improve outcomes and quality. Read More >


W&H Acquires Osstell to Further Strengthen its Market Position Within the Field of Implantology


Gothenburg, Sweden March 1, 2018: W&H, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of dental precision instruments and devices, has acquired Osstell, the global leader in implant stability measurement and osseointegration progress monitoring.


Osstell’s innovative and patented technology helps its customers, dentists around the world, to make dental implant treatments even safer and more predictable, by measuring the stability of implants objectively and non-invasively using the ISQ technology (Implant Stability Quotient), and thereby helping clinicians improve patient confidence and comfort. Founded in 1999, Osstell developed the patented ISQ technology and the products are sold in more than 50 markets globally with operations in Sweden (Gothenburg), and the USA.


Osstell and W&H have cooperated very successfully in the past, so it is a natural step that Osstell now becomes a part of W&H. As such, we get the opportunity for stronger and broader global representation, as well as greater delivery capacity – always with the aim to serve our customers and users with even better products and services as well as helping them to provide best practice services to their customers – the patients. Patients’ well-being is always the top priority,” says Mr. Jonas Ehinger, CEO Osstell. Read More >


Osstell Partners with W&H


Gothenburg, September 1st 2016: The global leader in implant stability measurement, Osstell, just announced its partnership with the Austrian family-run dental company, W&H Dentalwerk Bürmoos GmbH. The collaboration will focus on bringing innovative all-in-one solutions to support dental implant clinicians in their everyday practice.


The first result of this partnership is now being introduced in the form of W&H’s latest generation surgical device, Implantmed, where an integrated Osstell ISQ module is available. This unique combination of technologies allows a new standard to be set in the global dental industry, while giving users significant benefits in terms of functionality and optimum efficiency during treatment, and thereby helping clinicians improve patient confidence and comfort. Read More >



Osstell to Investigate Possible Patent Infringement


Gothenburg, October 16, 2015 Osstell has initiated an investigation of possible infringement on Osstell’s proprietary and patented ISQ technology using Resonance Frequency Analysis (RFA). The process seeks to primarily clarify and verify unauthorized use of Osstell’s patented technology, and to possibly recover damages caused by the infringement.


Osstell has discovered that a product is being marketed that claims to measure ISQ on dental implants. According to its documentation and the claims made by the staff of the company, it seems to infringe on Osstell’s proprietary technology, patented by Osstell. Read More >

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