Osstell ISQ


One of the most important factors for a successful implant treatment outcome is the stability of the implant. Osstell instruments make it possible to monitor osseointegration in a precise and objective manner. The probe is attached to the instrument via a cable and measurements are displayed on the back-lit display. Up to 400 measurements can be stored in the instrument. It is also possible to connect Osstell ISQ to a computer via a USB cable. No separate docking station is needed and the instrument has a rechargeable battery.

  • Osstell ISQ instrument
  • Power supply
  • Adapter for ac/dc standard (Please choose accordingly)
  • Probe with cable
  • USB-cable
  • TestPeg
  • SmartPeg Mount
  • User manual

ISQ vs. IDx Comparison Chart
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Please note that SmartPegs, needed when measuring on a patient, are ordered separately.
Please note that the Osstell ISQ is no longer available in the European Union (EU) or North America.

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  • ISQ Probe

    To use Osstell instruments as effectively as possible it is recommended to have more than one probe, it makes it easier to autoclave between patients. The length including cable is 150cm.

    Price: 423.00 

  • TestPeg

    The TestPeg can be used to practice measurements and test an Osstell instrument. Note, the device is not for calibrating, only a guide to check the instruments measure function.

    Price: 44.00 

  • Osstell ISQ Power Supply

    Power supply with an adapter for ac/dc outlet of your choice. Please note that if you have an Osstell IDx, you need the power supply for that instrument (Product code: 100613). The use of any other power supply might cause damage to the instrument.

    Price: 62.00 

  • SmartPeg Mount (5 pcs)

    The autoclavable SmartPeg Mount is used to carry and connect the SmartPeg to the implant or abutment. SmartPeg mounts comes in boxes of 5.

    Price: 108.00