Annual Scientific Symposium

The Osstell Scientific Symposium takes place once a year to present the latest research and findings. The next symposium will be held in conjunction with the Annual Meeting of the EAO in Rome, Italy on September 26th.

Osstell Scientific Symposium 2014

"Monitor Osseointegration for Predictable Loading Protocols"

Monitoring osseointegration is critical to predictable and sucessful loading protocols. Osstell ISQ is the only objective, reliable and non-invasive way to monitor osseointegration.

The ISQ-Scale in Daily Practice
Prof. Peter K. Moy, UCLA, USA
This presentation will outline the clinical benefi ts of RFA and Osstell ISQ in daily practice. If you are monitoring osseointegration you will often be able to reduce treatment time and avoid premature loading. In addition, you will be able to treat risk patients in a more predictable way. The presentation will include an explanation of the ISQ Scale, and the evidence which supports it. In addition, you will learn how to use the scale to achieve real clinical benefi ts in your practice.

Monitoring Osseointegration: A Dynamic Biologic Process
Prof. Mauro Labanca, Italy
Osseointegration is a dynamic and biological process that should be monitored in order to develop predictable loading protocols customized for each of your implant patients. Torque is a one-time, static measurement of mechanical stability, shear forces and friction. This presentation will also describe the relationship between ISQ and other factors such as micro mobility and BIC (bone to implant contact). The presentation will include information about how ISQ can be integrated with other implant diagnostics to provide the best quality treatment plans and care for your patients.

Moderator: Prof. Mariano Herrero Climent, Univ of Sevilla, Spain

Welcome to the Osstell Scientific Symposium 2014!

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